Götterdämmerung Updates

Welcome back!

I hope everyone enjoyed Ralph Grasso’s guest blog yesterday — I think it’s fun to turn over the controls from time to time and see what folks want to talk about. In the case of the movie he discussed, I confess that I haven’t seen either version! It’s been added to my “must watch” list, though.

Work continues on the current novel and I think it’s turning out very well. Some people has asked who will appearing in the book and I can give you this list at the present time but keep in mind that some of these folks only turn up in a cameo or are just name-dropped. Also, I’m only halfway through the writing of the story so more might be squeezed in later. But so far we have: Lazarus Gray & Assistance Unlimited, Gravedigger, The Rook, Catalyst, Leonid Kaslov, The Black Bat, Doc Daye, Thunder Jim Wade, The Domino Lady, The Darkling and The Dark Gentleman. Believe me, that’s been plenty…! And then we have all the villains, of which there are more than a few.

My hope is that people will read the novel and come away going “That was fun.” I’m not looking to redefine New Pulp or anything like that. I just want to put all these characters through their paces and let you see them interact in a way that leaves a smile on your face.

In other words, I’m treating it like every other book that I write!

Given the plethora of characters I’m talking about, I figured today’s image was appropriate. It’s from Will Meugniot and appeared in The Adventures of Gravedigger Volume One. He won the Best Interior Art Award in the 2014 New Pulp Awards and it was well-deserved!



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  1. Great to hear The Dark Gentleman will be part of the crossover novel. I much prefer your original characters & analogs to most Pulp characters they are based on.
    I’m also wondering…do you have any ideas stirring around for a crossover sequel?

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