And Now… the Cover to Gravedigger Volume Two!

gravedigger_cover_02_small_mockupFolks on my Facebook page got to see this cover last weekend but for the rest of you, this will be your first look at the cover to The Adventures of Gravedigger Volume Two: The Silver Skull. Look for it to appear later in 2014!

George Sellas did this incredible image — given how well received the cover to the first book was, I think he felt a bit of pressure to live up to it with this one… and I think he came through with flying colors!

In the sequel, Gravedigger and her friends end up taking on the mystery of Pandora’s Box… and get wrapped up in a plot to bring about the downfall of the United States! That’s right, while the bulk of the action takes place in Sovereign City, we’ll also have a trip to Washington, D.C.!

So what do you think?


  1. This has what you want in a cover! Action! Mystirious figure in the background! Makes me want the book even more!

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