Satan’s Circus Gets Reviewed!

lg4_cover_final_paint_smallThe Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Four: Satan’s Circus has received its first review! Our old friend Raven Dark posted the following:

The story definitely begins with this beautiful cover! 5 out of 5 stars

The story really begins with the awesome cover art that gives the reader who has been keeping up with the tales a glimpse as what is to come. For the reader who is just starting with this book, the cover will invoke questions that possibly will send them searching for the previous volumes. Great shot, George Sellas!

The first part of the volume is a short graphic novel introduction to the character of Lazarus Gray.

The next part, Leviathan Rising, is the final part of a story arc that has being running through volumes II and III. The identity of the man behind the monster, the true face of Leviathan is revealed at last. And behind Leviathan is revealed a being that has used the monster for its own purposes.

First the forces of Leviathan attack Thunder Island, the secret headquarters of Thunder Jim Wade. The attackers are repulsed, but they commit suicide in a manner that chills the blood in service to their dark lord. Wade’s assistants, Dirk Marat and Red Argyle are also attacked by minions of similar fanatic service to Leviathan.

The monster goes after Lazarus Gray in an attack that mirrors the attacks on Thunder Jim Wade and company. The two heroes join forces to battle the threat of Leviathan and the horrible being holding his chain. The story roars to its climax through a haze of devil fire and death as Leviathan is defeated and his handler curbed at least for the moment.

The story ends with a soft clue as to the start of the next story. And hints are given that we may not have seen the end of Leviathan after all… A most definite five out of five tale!

The next story, Satan’s Circus, sees the return of scarlet wearing occult Doctor Satan. He comes prepared for battle with not only the members of The Devil’s Circus, now Satan’s Circus, old enemies long thought defeated now magically returned with a vengeance.

Also the identity of The Darkling and the secrets of his origin are given at last, an old friend resurfaces that Lazarus thought dead, and Eidolon returns to battle beside his old teammates against Doctor Satan and his forces.

The story starts out at a dead run and maintains the pace all the way to the end. The end does leave questions that I feel sure Barry Reese has already answered in unpublished as yet volumes, of will do so in the near future.

This story also is a solid five out of five. The book from cover to the end probably ranks an eight on a scale of five! Great job all around, Barry! Looking for more encores!

Quoth the Raven…

Thanks for the excellent review, Raven! I’m really glad that you enjoyed the book. I consider Satan’s Circus to be the real conclusion to the story arc that ran through books 2-4, with Leviathan Rising another chapter in that tale. It’s always fun to handle classic pulp characters like Thunder Jim Wade and Doctor Satan so the chance to work with both in this tome was fantastic — and I always enjoyed writing The Darkling!

I have high hopes that you’ll enjoy the fifth book in the series — hopefully you’ll see it before the end of 2014!

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