Properties That Need To Be Translated Into Prose – ASAP!

night-forceMy buddy Jim Beard has had some success translating the Captain Action toy into prose and we’ve certainly seen novels based on tv shows, comic book characters and so forth over the years. But there are some properties out there that I’d love to get to see in prose… and maybe even write myself!

What things am I thinking about? Let’s see…

The Six Million Dollar Man – These days, he’d have to be updated to Six Billion or more, right? Anyway, I always thought this was a pulpy kind of show and I think it would be fun to see new prose adventures that followed the television continuity.

Challengers of the Unknown – Let’s pretend the Ron Goulart novel from the 70s never happened, okay? The notion of these guys living on borrowed time is a great one and would translate easily into a New Pulp take.

Sheena, Queen of the Jungle – Everybody loves a good jungle girl story, right? I think Sheena is ripe for a revival and updating. If Sheena were unavailable, maybe we could get the tragically aborted Savage Beauty concept revived and explored in prose.

Micronauts – This toy line spawned a classic Marvel comic book but revivals since haven’t been able to hit the right notes. I actually read a prose trilogy based upon one of the later continuities… and I think there’s a lot of potential here, even if it hasn’t always been present since Marvel lost the license.

The Phantom – We’ve had a great series of paperbacks written by Lee Falk and Moonstone did some fantastic anthologies featuring the hero but I’d like to see more Phantom prose adventures.

Night Force – This Wolfman/Colan creation was a lot of fun from DC Comics back in the day and I’d be ready to follow them into prose adventures, as well. Baron Winters is a great character and the premise is just made for a continuing series of adventures.

What old properties would you like to see revived in prose?



  1. Your brain must be in overdrive 24/7. Where do you find the time to write, read, and do everthing else you do? I’m amazed.

  2. There are so many!

    Batman: OK, I know there are Batman prose novels out there, but I’d like to see some pulp style books, set in the 40s.

    T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents (not to mention U.N.D.E.R.S.E.A. Agents) This classic 60s superhero variant on U.N.C.L.E would make a great addition for the current trend towards prose superheroes.

    Kolchak: He started in book form, but moved to TV. Moonstone has done some collections, but let’s have some novels.

    Jonathan Creek: A British TV character you may never have heard of. He’s a designer of stage illusions/amateur detective. I think he would actually work better in a series of mystery novels. Many TV characters do get book tie-ins, but Jonathan Creek hasn’t.

    John Constantine: Created by Alan Moore in Swamp Thing, spun off into his own comics, misscast in a movie & soon to be a TV series. Would make a great basis for some pulp-horror books.

    The (Golden Age) Sandman: The most pulp influenced of all superheroes, but never yet seen in prose.

    Person of Interest: An excellent & very pulpy modern TV show that would work just as well in prose.

    Adam Adamant: A victorian adventerer transplanted out of his own time into the 60s. Apparently, the original concept for this series was to use Sexton Blake, but they couldn’t get the rights. He’s one of the few 60s adventure characters not to have any prose tie-ins.

    1. I would absolutely second the Golden Age Sandman — continuing in the vein of Matt Wagner’s version would be terrific. And I have to ask… “Adam Adamant”? Never heard of this character before. Did his name come from the “Atom Ant” battlecry? “Up and Adam Adamant!”

  3. I read those Micronaut novels. The cleverest thing about them was how writer was able to do-si-do around the fact that he apparently knew nothing about the characters, or the Devil’s Due/Image comic book continuity. I would SO love to get a shot at a prose story based on ANY of the Micronauts (even Marvel’s current, licensee-free version: The Enigma Force). That’s one of those “for love and no money” jobs that I would totally go for!

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