Who Knows What Barry’s Blog Will Cover Today? The Shadow Knows!

shadow_torresWelcome back, my friends!

Earlier today I released Episode 64 of The Shadow Fan’s Podcast — we talk about Howard Chaykin’s upcoming return to the character, respond to some listener feedback and talk about this past weekend’s Middle Georgia Comic Convention. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Work continues on the crossover novel — I’m now over 18,000 words into the story. All the major players are now in motion and I’ll soon be bringing all the heroes together. They’re currently split into two big groups. This one features all new villains and I plan for a couple of them to survive the adventure so they can plague various heroes in the future. Others… well, in classic pulp style, some of these have to meet their justified ends, right?

A lot of folks are asking when The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Four: Satan’s Circus will be available as an eBook. It’s on the way, I promise! In the meantime, the print edition is out for those who prefer the dead tree version or who simply can’t wait for the electronic form.

Our art today is by the amazing Wilfredo Torres and depicts pulp’s greatest crimefighter — The Shadow!

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