Monday, Monday…

rook_ron_fortier_smallAnother week begins!

I had a nice day at the Middle Georgia Comic Convention on Saturday — didn’t sell a lot but I got to have a great conversation with Shadow: Year One artist Wilfredo Torres and his wife, got Mark Bagley to autograph an old Amazing Spider-Man comic for me and met a ton of other interesting folks. Definitely a good time.

I also enjoyed the fact that The Adventures of Gravedigger notched two victories in the New Pulp Awards! Will Meugniot won the Best Interior Art award and the character won the Best New Character award. I’m very proud of that and I want to give a special shout-out to Will for doing such beautiful work on the interiors… and George Sellas, whose cover was nominated, as well! Makes me really excited for you guys to see Volume Two later this year…

The new edition of Rabbit Heart has notched its first review and it was posted over at Here’s what Pat Casey had to say:

In Rabbit Heart, Barry Reese has delivered another action packed pulp style novel.

Fiona Chapman is a young woman who begins a new life as a member of the Furious Hosts (a mythological group) who mix sex & violence in a never ending hunting game. Wielding a machete , Fiona chases after another member of The Hosts who embarks on a killing spree while looking for a sacred gem.

Ascott Keane (nemesis of Doctor Satan) not only teams up with Fiona to stop this monster but also guides her through this new chapter in her life.

Mr. Reese once again introduces a strong female hero (much like Gravedigger) and brings new life to a public domain character in Keane. As with his previous novels, Reese keeps the pace brisk with a well thought out and entertaining plot. Once you start, you WILL have a problem putting this book down.

I hope to read more stories about Fiona & Keane in a sequel of novels. These characters are at the beginning their adventure and I’m anxious to see how the final battle will be resolved.

This particular novel is not for the timid and is written for mature readers.

A definite 5 out of 5.

Thanks, Pat! I’m glad you enjoyed it — I had a great time writing it and I’m really pleased with the new edition that Pro Se has released.

Our art today comes from George Sellas and appeared in Tales of The Rook Volume One. Lovely, isn’t it?

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