New Reviews!

lg07_morgan_watts_smallThere have been several new reviews floating around lately and I figured I’d corral them all and share them with the faithful readers of Ye Olde Blog.

First up is this one from Facebook, courtesy of Russell Moran:

Barry Reese, you have outdone yourself on Adventures of Gravedigger. I can’t put it down.

Always nice to hear things like that! I’m glad you’re enjoying it, Russell! The second book in the series should be out later this year. In fact, George Sellas told me last night that he might have the cover completed sometime today!

SteamDave also posted two different reviews at — first up, let’s see what he had to say about Gravedigger:

Gravedigger is the most comic-book style character in Barry Reese’s expanding pulp universe – a masked avenger with a supernatural twist and a fine assortment of helpers and companions. The action is fast, the dialogue is snappy, the characters are fascinating and well rounded. Highly recommended. 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you very much! I really enjoyed writing the first book and I’ve been pleased with the reaction it’s gotten. I tried my best to make Gravedigger fit into the overall context of my universe while also standing on her own two feet as an individual.

Finally, SteamDave took a look at The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume One:

A Pulp Classic for the Modern Age! Lazarus Gray is a character in the tradition of Doc Savage and the Avenger, a paragon with a somewhat darker past. The style is reminiscent of the classics, but the author updates many of the standard tropes of the genre, making this a fun read but also a lesson in how clichés were made to be subverted. Fast and fun. And it’s the first in a series! Highly recommended. 5 out of 5 stars.

Again, thanks. I love the classic pulps but also feel that I would be remiss in doing a straight-on pastiche of the older stories. It’s important to update some things here and there to keep them fresh and relateable. I’m glad it worked for you!

Be safe out there, my friends!

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