Monday…?! Yes. It’s Monday.

satans_ad2Hello, my faithful readers! I hope you’re excited about the start of a new week. I’m gearing up for my appearance at this weekend’s Middle Georgia Comic Convention — I now that fellow New Pulp author Bobby Nash will be there, along with a host of comics creators like Mark Bagley, Tony Harris, Colleen Doran and Wilfredo Torres! Should be a fun time. Come out and see me if you’re near Macon, Georgia!

I continue to add to the crossover novel — I’m closing in on the 1/4 mark of the book and I’m really happy with it so far. The most recent chapter was a pretty exciting one featuring Lazarus Gray and company down in the sewers beneath Sovereign.

Speaking of Lazarus, don’t forget that The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Four: Satan’s Circus is now available in print! It’s a great wrap-up to the storyline that weaves through books 2-4 and I can’t wait to start getting some feedback on it. Be sure to drop me a line or post a review at Amazon if you do read it so I can know if it turned out as well as I think it did!

Our image today features artwork by George Sellas but it’s been tweaked into an ad for Satan’s Circus by the amazing Sean Ali! I think it’s pretty spiffy.


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