New Reviews!

rook2specialWe’ve had a few new reviews pop up on Amazon. com so let’s see what our faithful readers are saying.

First up, we have Raven Dark’s review of Tales of The Rook Volume Two:

First the reader meets a rather neat new hero in Russ Anderson’s “The Death of Keystone.” The title records that he dies, of course, but in the superhero world and the world of science and sorcery that the Rook inhabits, death sometimes is a point of view. Which one I leave the reader to figure out!

There are also a pair of Nazi Übermensch, a man and a woman both with pale skin, piercing blue eyes, and white hair. The man is a muscular brute known as Der Riese (The Giant), and the woman is a Nazi Scientist named Jakoba Kirsch.

The story has neat twists of fate and I won’t spoil the reader’s pleasure. You’re gonna want to read this one!! A full ten out of ten!

The reader moves on to the future, at least 100 years past the time of Max Davies. James Palmer’s “The Fist of Lao Fang” finds Atlanta in turmoil, a new drug called “jump” ravaging the streets, and a self-help guru named Simon Ling the new best thing in town.

Into this hodgepodge comes a girl named Kara Grace, heir to the Grace Industries fortune. Her life is about to make a great change. The ghost of Max Davies warns her about coming evil. Someone has to make a stand, and a shadowy secret society has ties to her family.

The story is exciting and well paced. I won’t spoil anything for the reader. You’ll like this one also. I think! A nine out of ten story.

Moving on to “African Darkside” by David White, the reader will encounter a new mystical object found in a botched museum robbery that turns a black muscleman into a god like entity.

This story is quite an adventure even if Mr. White kept forgetting whether there were supposed to be four or five robbers! (Chuckle!) This is certainly a worthy story for this new volume! Great stuff! Give Mr. White a seven out of ten.

Next, the reader will encounter Emma Davies as the Rook in “Come and Get Your Love” by Sean Taylor. The Rook’s lady love Kayla Kaslov has been kidnapped. Fighting a dreadful woman and her monsters, Emma goes to Kayla’s rescue. A seven out of ten story.

Emma Davies is also the star of the next story the reader encounters, “Night Out” by Adam Lance Garcia. There are three Rooks in this story, which alone gives it ten out of ten! William Davies is in San Francisco, Emma is being the Rook for the first time, and Max Davies has been captured by the very gang Emma is trying to bring to justice.

The reader will find an old enemy returned, a new drug on the street, a bevy of missing ladies, and a lot of father/daughter ranting and reminiscing! Enjoy the story, I know I did!

Last, the reader reaches “The Rook Animation Script” by Barry Reese himself. I have mentioned many times that I do not like to read plays and film scripts. I know Barry will have done a fine job and without reading it I’ll give it a seven out of ten.

The reader should be sure to read the interview with Barry Reese at the end of the book.

Adding and subtracting, the book is a eight out of ten overall, but on it will be a five out of five! My blog is a little different…

Thanks, Raven! I think the guys who contributed to this book did a bang-up job and I’m proud to have them contribute to the overall Rook tapestry!

Next we have a review of The Green Hornet Casefiles by a user named Dave. Here’s what he had to say:

I have to admit, after seeing the latest movie of the Green Hornet, I thought that my wonderful memories of the 60’s TV show were dead…except for video. NOT SO! These short stories are so close to the show it’s scary. The only real difference is the setting – here we are in Detroit ( home of the radio series) as opposed to the TV show LA (though never really specified. All the characters are brought back to life. With all due respect to Van Williams and Bruce Lee, these characters are a bit more edgier…not having to compete with Batman and Robin. Any Green Hornet fan MUST have this collection!

Glad you enjoyed the book, Dave! It was a real honor to write the Green Hornet and Kato.

Finally, C. William Russette reviewed The Rook Volume 2 – Special Edition:

I kinda know what I am getting into when I start in a Reese book. Story, character and plot are right where and what I want them to be. They are fantastic and fun and the bad guys are always someone I can admire for how unique they are. I quickly became a fan of the new intros in the Russian Leo Kaslov and his crew. I really enjoyed the Bloodwerks story though. There are a number of reasons but the fact of who the heavies are I think that seals the deal.

You really can’t go wrong with The Rook if you like your action fantastic and hard chargin’.

Great read.

Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed Bloodwerks as it was one of my personal favorites.

Don’t forget that the nominating process for the New Pulp Awards ends soon — full details about the process can be found by clicking this link.

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