My Favorite Pulp Villains

the-hand-of-fu-manchu-book-coverRecently, I listed out for you my favorite “classic” pulp heroes. I had fun making my little list so I thought this time, I’d flip it over and look at the other side of the coin…

The bad guys.

Yep, as we all know, heroes are often defined by their villains. If you think of the greatest heroes, they almost all have at least one villain that is closely related to them in terms of public perception. Batman has the Joker, Holmes has Moriarty and The Road Runner has Wile E. Coyote.

Or something like that.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s my list of my favorite pulp villains. Again, I kept it to ‘classic’ pulp villains — so nothing from New Pulp is on this list.

Here we go:

10. Fantomas
9. Wu Fang
8. Doctor Death (Dr. Rance Mandarin)
7. The Voodoo Master
6. Shiwan Khan
5. Thoth-Amon
4. John Sunlight
3. Doctor Satan
2. The Prince of Evil
1. Fu Manchu

What villains top your personal list?


  1. #10) The Iron Skull (An Avenger villain by Ron Goulart, continued in the Chronicles) #9) Nicholas Rokoff (A Tarzan foe over several books) #8) The Living Pharaoh (Spider villain over four books), #7) Benedict Stark, Master of Evil (Shadow foe over four books), #6) Shiwan Khan (Shadow foe over four books), #5) The Voodoo Master (Shadow for over three books), #4) John Sunlight (Doc Savage for in two books and a comic series), #3) Jonas Sown (A Doc Savage villain over two original novels and one by Will Murray. He was the cold brain behind WWII), #2) Doctor Satan, and #1) Fu Manchu

    Raven Darkendale

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