Another Day

writersblockMy eternal optimism is being sorely tested these days.

As a result, I don’t feel much like writing at the moment — I know that many of my writer friends say this is exactly when I should be writing. I can get it all out on the page, after all. But the act of creating isn’t something I feel particularly good about when I’m miserable and the work I produce isn’t, in my opinion, my best.


Anyway, in other news, the Pulp Ark Awards were canceled and then reinstated, though we haven’t heard the new requirements yet. I’m glad to see them back. Unfortunately, the Pulp Ark Convention has been scuttled for this year and the near future but I hope to see New Pulp continue to grow as a presence at other Cons.

Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow and my world will have brightened.

See? The optimism isn’t totally dead yet.


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