Super Sunday

200px-Super_Bowl_logo.svgIt’s Super Bowl Sunday! I’ll be pulling for Peyton Manning and the Broncos, though I have a feeling the weather conditions and that defense might lead to a Seahawks victory. We’ll see!

Thanks to everyone for making January the biggest month this blog has ever had. Even with all the turmoil around here, more people visited this site in January than in any other month in the site’s history! I’m not sure what’s bringing people in but hopefully they’ll find something of interest and go buy some books.

Work continues on the crossover novel — both Pro Se and myself would love to get this one out there before the end of 2014 but we’ll have to see.

In some sad news, Moonstone announced this week that they no longer had the license to the Popular characters — which means that my G-8 story won’t see print in its original form. Maybe we’ll see it in a slightly revised version, though…

Enjoy the game if you’re a football fan — and if you’re not, hope you find something else diverting today!


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