Friday Chatter

lg08_samantha_grace_smallA lot of changes have been coming my way as of late and it’s definitely sapped a lot of my enthusiasm for working on the crossover novel. Having said that, I have been adding a little to it here and there so it hasn’t been set aside completely. So far I’ve written a scene introducing the origins of the Occult Forces Project and now I’ve moved on to an action sequence with The Rook. Quality stuff so far, even if there’s a whole lot of quantity yet.

It will add up in the end, though!

I’ve been in contact with artist supreme George Sellas and we’re both hoping that he’ll be able to return for Gravedigger Volume Two but his career is expanding and taking off so we’ll have to see how the schedules work out. George has really defined the look of my pulp adventure universe and I’d certainly love to have him involved in future projects.

I’m expecting to see Tales of The Rook Volume Two released any day now, with an eBook release preceding the print version. It’s got some fun stories by some wonderful authors and a snazzy cover by Grant Miehm. There are no plans for more Tales volumes at this point but you never know with The Rook…!

Today’s art is from the first Lazarus Gray volume and features the lovely Samantha Grace. Hope you enjoy it!

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