Work Begins!

gravedigger_small_colorSo I’ve started doing research for Götterdämmerung, which is the crossover novel that will feature all my major heroes in one big adventure. I’ve already looked into the historical stuff that I want to incorporate – now I’m looking into my own previous writings to ensure continuity. That’s one of the big secrets of having a shared universe… no matter how good your memory is, if you want to really make sure you don’t have a major screw-up, you have to go back and spend time looking through your own records.

Götterdämmerung will be set in 1938, for instance, and we know that this is the year after The Rook’s marriage and is also the year where he teams up with The Moon Man and gets his trademark ring, which he uses to brand the foreheads of criminals. This novel starts a bit after that.  As you’ll see in Gravedigger Volume 2, something is set up in that series that we’re told will play out over the course of 1938 in Sovereign… so that subplot also has to be mentioned and progressed in the crossover book. Likewise, the events of Lazarus Gray Volumes 4 & 5 (both set in ’37) will have carryover into ’38 and I need to keep all that straight!

I actually don’t mind fitting the continuity together, though. It’s part of the fun to me. I grew up loving comic books so continuity was never a pain in the butt to me — it was part of the fun! I liked seeing references to events happening in other titles, even if I wasn’t reading those series. It made it all feel like more of a shared universe and that, to me, is a good thing.

Can continuity get in the way of a good story? Maybe. But I’ve always thought you should be a good enough writer to work within its constraints… plus, if you really want to get away from it, do an imaginary story and then come back to the “real” universe.

Anyway, even with all the personal turmoil going on right now, I am still “working” on the next novel, even if I haven’t started writing it yet. I know some of you are very excited about Götterdämmerung and I don’t want to let you down.

Our art today is by George Sellas and was his first completed drawing of Gravedigger.

One comment

  1. Good to hear the crossover novel has begun!
    I’ve always liked the idea of continuity in a shared universe(much like Marvel in the 80’s) and I’m glad you’ve incorporated into the Reese Universe.

    Just started reading Gravedigger Vol. 1 and its great! You have a way of making me like (or hate!) characters within a few sentences. Well Done! And what a cover!

    The costume design collaboration between you and Mr. Sellas is wonderful.

    Keep writing!

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