New Rook Review

Author C. William Russette posted a review of The Rook Volume One Special Edition. Here’s what he had to say:

I’ve enjoyed Barry’s writing for some time. I was lured into his pulp world late in the game as Lazarus Gray was my first exposure to his carnival or horrors. I had rather thought that The Rook was going to be a straight up crime kinda deal. I was quite glad to be wrong. There is plenty of horror and a few dashes of fantasy and sci fi thrown in here and there for completeness sake.

There are a plethora of monsters and villains and the Rook takes care of business, everyone gets turn at eating some Rook-justice. I did rather like all the baddies and enjoyed everyone’s machinations. I had a hard time putting down the book to be frank. I did in fact lose sleep reading it. That there is a sign of a good yarn. Well several good yarns really. (I did not care for the future story but that is a minor thing)

I was disappointed to hit the end of the book but fortunately there are like 6 more in the series currently.

A very fun read.

Thanks for the review! Hearing you say that it cost you sleep is high praise! I hope you enjoy the later volumes just as much.


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