New Reviews At Smashwords

rook_bobby_nash_rough_AA reader by the name of Brandon Burkholder recently posted two new reviews of my books at Smashwords. He’d earlier reviewed the first Gravedigger book and now he’s added reviews of the first Rook and Lazarus Gray collections. Here’s what he had to say about each:

For The Rook Volume One Special Edition – Another great character from Barry Reese. Could not put it down. On to volume 2 to see what’s next! 5 Stars

For The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume One – Fantastic. Great heroes, great bad guys. An entertaining read to be sure. 4 Stars

Thanks, Brandon! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed all the books so far. I think my little pulp adventure universe has a lot to offer and it’s always good to see new people discovering it.

Reviews are always appreciated — they make Ye Olde Writer a very happy man, even if the reviews aren’t always positive. Tell me what you like or dislike!

Our at today is a production sketch by George Sellas — the final piece looked quite different and ran with Bobby Nash’s story from Tales of The Rook Volume One. Thought you’d like to see it!

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