Where Should I Start…?

20130403-081630.jpgI know that when I publish that timeline of my pulp adventure universe from time to time, I inevitably get asked where should people start — at the oldest book continuity-wise? Or the first one I wrote? Or somewhere else?

I’d say that starting with The Rook Volume One is a safe bet as it really kicked it all off… but I also wrote it years ago and I like to think that my writing has gotten a lot better since then. So I’d kind of recommend either Lazarus Gray or Gravedigger instead. In fact, I’d probably go with Gravedigger overall since it guest-stars both The Rook and Lazarus Gray — plus, I like to think it’s a damned sweet story, to boot.

So there you go — I’d rank these books in the following order as your “go-to” books to get into my pulp adventure universe:

1. The Adventures of Gravedigger Volume One
2. The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume One
3. The Rook Volume One Special Edition