Lazarus Gray vs. The Polar Vortex

Cute-Girl-Portrait-Frame-Winter-Snow-Nature-HD-WallpaperHello Again!

Things are a tiny bit warmer around here today and I was able to make it into the office, though it was a chilly commute. My son did get to go about crushing ice beneath his boots yesterday afternoon so some good definitely came of the wintry storm.

My heart was warmed slightly by a new review of The Adventures of Gravedigger that was posted over at the Smashwords site. A reader by the name of Brandon Burkholder posted the following:

Fun stuff. One of my favorite pulp characters in a while. I can easily see myself getting sucked into Barry’s universe. Can’t wait for more Gravedigger. My only complaint is a few minor typos.

Thanks, Brandon! I can say that the eagle-eyed editors of Pro Se Press try their best to find all the little errors that creep into the text but nobody’s perfect, I’m afraid. I’m glad that didn’t stop you from enjoying the book as a whole. I had a ton of fun writing the first Gravedigger and I’ve already completed the second novel so you should see it sometime in 2014.

But wait! That’s not the only new review that went up in recent days!

Over on Amazon, TC posted the following words about Liberty Girl:

Excellent book for fans of Golden Age comics. My only criticism is that it was way too short. Look forward to more books on this character and others in this universe.

Thanks, TC! The length was based on Pro Se’s decision to run it as part of their digest line of titles, which means a shorter word count than their normal books. In this case, I think it worked well in terms of translating the comic books into prose. I’m glad you enjoyed it and hopefully Pro Se will have plenty more to do with Liberty Girl in the future.

In other news, I plan to wrap up the writing on Lazarus Gray Volume 5 by early next week. I’m always excited to end a project but there’s never much downtime before I have to start the next. Still… can’t wait to type THE END!

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Anyway, stay safe out there, my friends!

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