An Even Colder Tuesday

fiction_writerIt’s not a snow storm and not even really an ice storm… we’re suffering from a “cold storm.” Schools and businesses are closed around here as we experience our coldest temperatures in about twenty years. As such, I’m home keeping my son today and hoping our pipes haven’t frozen. Fun times, eh?

As such, I’ll be doing a shorter-than-usual update this morning!

I sent off another set of interview questions and I have another waiting on me to get to them. It’s always hard to find new ways to answer questions like “Who is The Rook?” and “What’s Barry Reese really like?” but I do my best. One of these days I’ll just start making up my answers — “Well, I’m a former KGB agent who defected after a harrowing escape through Eastern Europe!”

Or maybe not.

Anyway, Lazarus Gray Volume Four is going through its second round of edits so it should be ready for publication soon. I think you guys will really enjoy it! And of course I’m finishing up the writing on Volume Five this week and the next, then I’m done with that one!

Try and stay warm, my friends!

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