A Cold & Wet Monday

The Adventures of Lazarus GrayA new week begins — and it’s a darned chilly one! In my neck of the woods, we’re experiencing the coldest temperatures in over twenty years. Hope wherever you are, you’re able to stay bundled up today!

Reese Unlimited Month continues to roll along and the one negative about it is that I’m spending so much time doing podcasts and responding to interview requests that I’m barely able to have any time to actually write! Oh, well, this Lazarus Gray story isn’t going anywhere and I should still finish it this month, which will let me move on to the next project.

Over on Amazon.com, a reader named Mark S. Marcum posted a brief review of The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume One. Here’s what he had to say:

If you like action and good old pulp stories you will enjoy this book, I thought books with characters like these were no longer being written glad I was wrong, lots of fun.

Thanks, Mark! I’m glad that you enjoyed it! There’s a lot of other great New Pulp books out there, too, so if you’ve been looking for some quality old-time thrills, you might have stumbled onto something you’ll really enjoy. I hope you read more of the Lazarus Gray series and continue to enjoy them.

Nominations for the Pulp Factory Awards have been opened up — nominations and voting are restricted to members of The Pulp Factory mailing list. Even so, hopefully we’ll see a couple of my eligible works make the list. Historically, I’ve done far, far better in the Pulp Ark Awards, which are more fan-oriented. Also, The PF Awards are restricted to stories either set in the far future or pre-1941, which has always wreaked havoc with The Rook series, which is mostly set during WW II. Still, both Gravedigger and Lazarus Gray are set in the Thirties, so they’re eligible for the PF Awards.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more updates on what’s happening in my little corner of the New Pulp world.

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