2013 Is Almost Over!

spirit_darwyncookeIt’s New Year’s Eve and I hope everybody has been enjoying their holidays. I got to spend Christmas with most of my family and since then we’ve been checking out museums, watching movies and generally having a relaxing time. Things start to return to what passes for normal later this week and, as always, I’m sure I’ll get back into the usual routine quicker than I expect.

I’ve started work on the final Lazarus Gray story that will run in Volume Five and I think it’s a big one as it will change the status quo for the entire series. Trust me.

After that, it’s on to the crossover novel!

I was the guest on an episode of Pulped! the other night and it should be released soon. It was a general chat about Reese Unlimited.

Also had a great conversation with Shadow-expert Anthony Tollin and I’ll be trying to line him up as a guest on The Shadow Fan’s Podcast.

I hope everyone’s 2014 will be even bigger and better than 2013!

Our art today is by the amazing Darwyn Cooke and features Will Eisner’s Spirit!

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