From the Vault: My Favorite New Pulp Heroes

Dillon---CthuluThe past couple of weeks I’ve listed out my favorite classic pulp heroes and villains. This time around I decided to dive into the New Pulp waters. Basically, I’m defining New Pulp as characters who are written in the same breathless manner as the classic heroes… but who are appearing in brand new stories and have been created since the end of the classic pulp era. I’m putting emphasis on characters who have made their debut in prose (so no Indiana Jones, I’m afraid) and, furthermore, those characters who are mostly a part of what’s called the New Pulp Movement.

A lot of rules, eh?

That’s just the way we play the game, my friends.

So here’s my Top Ten Favorite New Pulp Heroes:

10. Brother Bones (created by Ron Fortier)
9. Garvey Dire (Created by Joel Jenkins)
8. Fortune McCall (Created by Derrick Ferguson)
7. The Pulptress (Created by Tommy Hancock)
6. Hardluck Hannigan (Created by Bill Craig)
5. Malcolm Weir (Created by Mat Nastos)
4. Mr. Brass (Created by Josh Reynolds)
3. The Black Centipede (Created by Chuck Miller)
2. Elisa Hill (Created by Percival Constantine)
1. Dillon (Created by Derrick Ferguson)

This was actually a really hard list to come up with — I left off lots of heroes that I genuinely love but I had to limit it to just ten. If I did a # 11, it would be Hugh Monn (Created by Lee Houston Jr.).

I’ve actually gone back and modified this list several times already. Oh, well. I think it does give you a nice overview of the best of New Pulp, in my opinion. I should give a special shout-out to Derrick Ferguson, who’s the only author to place two characters on my list!