Humpday Happiness

RU Ad smallerWelcome back, my friends!

I will be typing THE END on the current Lazarus Gray story this evening and it’s been a doozy. In fact, I think it’s the best of the volume so far. This one features Princess Femi, three immortal baddies who are introduced earlier in this book, a major new supporting character and a huge battle scene in the middle of Sovereign City’s largest cemetery (the same one where Charity Grace was reborn as Gravedigger, for the keen continuity freaks out there). After this, I’ll be taking a little bit of time off from writing for the holidays and then I’ll begin work on the fifth and final story in this book.

After I’m done with this… it’s on to the crossover novel! I expect that one to dominate much of my early 2014 creative schedule.

Signed off on the edits for Lazarus Gray Volume Four, by the way. Talented David White was the editor on that one and it will now move forward in the publishing pipeline so hopefully you’ll be able to see what becomes of Eidolon and Darkling fairly soon.

Also heard from my publisher about some potentially exciting news for January but, alas, I can’t share it yet. Isn’t that always the way??

I’ve been kicking around a couple of anthology ideas — one would be to invite other writers to do stories featuring the individual members of Assistance Unlimited and the other would be to do the same with the villains of my universe — give The Warlike Manchu, Femi, Walther Lunt, etc. a chance to shine on their own. What do you think?

Our image today was used as an ad in this year’s edition of The Pulpster. It utilizes artwork by George Sellas and graphic design by Sean Ali. Sharp stuff!


  1. A villain spotlight book is a great idea. A Story featuring Lunt and a younger Lazarus Gray would be cool. An untold tale of Femi in ancient times would be great as well. Any tale of of the Warlike Manchu would be welcome!

  2. Eidolon & Darkling are characters I really like. I can’t wait to see how this story concludes. They too are interesting enough to have stand alone stories.

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