Thursday?! That means the weekend is almost here…

lg4_frontispiece_smallGood Morning!

Yesterday was one of those days… you know the kind! If a resurrected Nazi supervillain had taken over my hometown, captured my loved ones to use as hostages against me and then released some genetically modified dinosaurs to destroy my office… it would have all made much more sense.

In the real world, though, you get knocked for a loop by the strangest of events, the most minor — yet stunning — of betrayals.

I’m a writer, remember? You can’t blame me for a bit of hyperbole.

Anyway, I’m back and ready to go! Only managed to add about six hundred words to the Lazarus Gray story yesterday but hopefully I’ll be able to get back in the groove and move forward. This is story # 4 in what projects to be a five story fifth volume. I think people will enjoy this one… on some levels, it’s deliberately less “epic” than the trilogy that took place in books 2-4. Aside from a brief trip outside of Sovereign to hang out with Ron Fortier’s Brother Bones, the team stays in their home city for the entire book, which is a change from the globetrotting they did in the previous few books.

Once I’ve finished off this Lazarus Gray volume, it’s on to the crossover novel (title will be announced soon!). And then… I’m going to do something with The Phantom Detective. Not sure if I’ll do a short or a novel but I’ll probably offer it to Airship 27 first since I’ve been so neglectful in doing anything for them in so long. If they pass, I’ll see about Pro Se or someone else. More details on the PD project as it develops, obviously.

Our artwork today is by the amazing George Sellas and will appear in the fourth volume of the Lazarus Gray series — Satan’s Circus. George draws a mighty appealing Samantha Grace, doesn’t  he?

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