Sunday Musings

lg07_morgan_watts_smallIt’s a Sunday here at Ye Olde Blog, which generally means that I enjoy a quiet day with the family. I try to sneak in some NFL viewing and maybe a nap, too. I don’t generally do anything writing-related on Sundays, though I often do “pre-writing” during that time. What the heck is pre-writing, you ask? Well, I’ll just think about the next few scenes I’m due to write and script them out in my head. It saves a lot of time when I actually sit down at the keyboard and start work. Sometimes I think the reason why I’m such a prolific writer is because I’ve generally written things before I ever start so it’s simply a matter of transcribing my thoughts onto the page — it’s different than outlining, though, which is too detailed and saps the fun out of the project for me. If it’s all in my head, I feel more able to change things as I go.

So far things have gone very well with the writing of Lazarus Gray Volume Five. I’m working on the fourth story now and I’ve tried hard to both keep true to the things that people love about the series while simultaneously doing some new stuff. In terms of villains, you’ll get to see mostly new ones, though Femi does make an appearance along the way. When I start work on the crossover novel (which is the project immediately following this one), I plan to introduce a major new menace for my pulp adventure universe, one that definitely requires all of my heroes to handle.

It’s going to be kind of fun to write The Rook again, as I’ve been so focused on Lazarus and Gravedigger over the past year that Max Davies had been relegated to the role of guest-star more than anything. The crossover novel will feature all three of my leads as equals, though.

In other Rook news, Tales of The Rook Volume Two should be out in the next few months and I believe Tommy Hancock is still working on Volume Seven (Tommy will be writing The Rook series for volumes 7-9) so if you’re primarily a Rook fan, there is new stuff on the way — plus a few other special little projects that I can’t reveal quite yet.

What lurks after the crossover novel? I’m not sure yet. I presume I’ll start thinking about Gravedigger Volume 3… but I don’t know. It might be time to do something completely different… but I’m sorry to disappoint those of you who have been waiting for Rabbit Heart 2 as I don’t think that’s likely to happen anytime soon. My wife did give me a great idea about how to continue things without using Fiona at all, though… so it’s not an absolute impossibility.

Take care, folks!

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