Wednesday Weirdness

frenz_shadowHowdy, folks!

Just uploaded episode 59 of The Shadow Fan’s Podcast. This week we talk about a 1934 novel (“The Circle of Death”) and the 19th issue of Dynamite’s comic book series. I also get into some of the rumors surrounding a possible Will Murray-penned Doc Savage/Shadow novel and take a look at the October 2013 sales figures for Dynamite’s various Shadow offerings. If you love The Shadow (and if you don’t, what’s wrong with you??), hopefully you’ll enjoy the episode.

Work continues on the current Lazarus Gray story — I’ve introduced a new supporting character in this one and I really, really like her. I’m planning to possibly do something terribly, terribly mean to her, too.

I’ve settled on a title for the big crossover novel that’s coming out in 2014, too, but I’m not ready to share it yet. You guys have already seen the awesome Chris Bastista cover, which brings together The Rook, Gravedigger and Lazarus Gray — now I just have to ensure that the story itself is as good as that cover! That’s no small order, I’m afraid. We’ll also see a brand new menace introduced in this book, one that is big enough to threaten not only our three heroes but all of creation.

Recently, I was deeply honored to get a quote from Michael Uslan for use on my future books. Mr. Uslan is a legend in several fields and his words definitely touched me. I’ve shared them on various social media sites but it occurred to me that I hadn’t done so here. Please forgive me for squealing a bit like a schoolgirl! Here’s what he had to say: “Barry Reese is not only an exceptional author who vividly captures the thrill-a-minute essence of pulp fiction in his work from The Rook to Gravedigger to Lazarus Gray, but he’s also clearly a fan at heart who loves what he’s doing. That passion seeps into every spine-tingling chapter he writes. Bravo!” – Michael Uslan, Executive Producer of all the Batman movies from “Batman” to The Dark Knight Trilogy and author of his memoir, The Boy Who Loved Batman.

Wow, right?

And to think that all the great things that have happened to me arose from my love of the great pulp heroes of the past!

Good times.

The artwork that accompanies this post is by Ron Frenz and, of course, shows off The Shadow. My buddy Pat Casey sends me lots of awesome Shadow artwork and this was one of them. Thanks, Pat!


  1. Looking forward to your team up book!

    I wonder if Mr. Uslan would consider penning a tale about one of your characters. Perhaps in a future “Tales of The Rook”?

  2. Really like the Ron Frenz Shadow pic. He and Tom Defalco’s run on Thor is a personal favorite. A crossover book sounds awesome!

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