Wednesday Chatter

lazarus_coverIt’s Hump Day! Yes, we’re moving closer to the weekend and I’m very excited about the prospect.

Earlier this morning, I uploaded Episode 58 of The Shadow Fan’s Podcast. This week we talk about the end of Michael Uslan’s Dark Nights limited series and the beginning of the Noir book. I’m definitely sad to see Dark Nights go but I’ll pick up the collection when it comes out and give it a re-read then. Good stuff.

I had planned to incorporate my Sherlock Holmes pulp novella into my established universe but that appears to be on hold. My thinking had been to tie it all into “A Plague of Wicked Men,” a Rook story that appeared in Volume Five of that series. In that story, Holmes makes a surprise appearance and he’s actually the man who defeats The Warlike Manchu. “The Eleventh Finger” would have pitted Holmes against The Warlike Manchu & his followers (collectively known as The Ten Fingers) and given the backstory for why their rematch in A Plague of Wicked Men had such importance. I’m going to have to rework that idea, though.

In the meantime, I think I might work a bit on the fourth story that will run Lazarus Gray Volume Five. As I’ve mentioned before, the fifth book will contain five short stories in a return to the format I used in Volume One. I’m pretty excited about it and I think folks will enjoy it. It’s a deliberate change of pace from the large-scale story that ran in Volumes 2-4. Plus, you’ll get to see Lazarus go toe-to-toe with Ron Fortier’s Brother Bones! A New Pulp classic in the making, I like to think.

For fun, I’m sharing with you today Anthony Castrillo’s initial sketch for what would become the cover to The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume One. You can compare it to the finished product to see how it evolved. Good stuff, eh?

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