Press Release: Rabbit Heart Is Here

rabbit_heart_newPro Se Productions, a leading independent Publisher known for producing work on the cutting edge of Genre Fiction, proudly announces the return to print of noted Author Barry Reese’s most controversial and groundbreaking work- RABBIT HEART.

Barry Reese, author and creator of The Rook, The Adventures of Lazarus Gray, and the Adventures of Gravedigger, takes the battle for good and evil to a completely different level. Known for his Pulp work, Reese pushes his own boundaries for this groundbreaking tale of action and adventure, sex and violence, discovery and death.

The time of the Hunt is nigh… Fiona Chapman was dead. However, though her heart still beat and she breathed oxygen, she was no longer like the rest of humanity. Fiona was now one of The Furious Host, a race of mythical spirits who, in Archetype Form, rage through the centuries hunting for innocent victims to slake their thirst for blood. However, Fiona’s desire is different: she craves the destruction of the Host themselves. In her Archetype Form she begins her own hunt to put an end to the evil of centuries. Now the evil has descended on the small town of Milledgeville, Georgia in the form of Urhl, one of the bloodiest of killers. Young women are being murdered in the most savage fashion imaginable. With the aid of legendary occult investigator Ascott Keane, Fiona Chapman embarks on a blood-soaked battle to the death with the ultimate serial killer!

“Rabbit Heart,” says Reese, “is unlike anything else I’ve ever written. It’s the most personal work, featuring all the nasty little secrets that I usually don’t share with the world. Super hardcore in both violence and sex, it allowed me to depart from my mostly PG-13 pulp adventure stories and do something that truly frightened my friends and family. I have fans of this book who wouldn’t touch pulp with a ten-foot pole and I think it shows the world that I choose to write New Pulp… but it’s by no means the only thing I can do.”

One of Reese’s most popular titles, RABBIT HEART is a cutting edge exploration of the basest fears and needs everyone feels. Available in print at Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well as as an ebook from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords, RABBIT HEART features a cover by Jason Levesque with an all new cover design by Sean Ali as well as print formatting by Ali and ebook design by Russ Anderson. FOR MATURE READERS.

For interviews, review copies or more information on this title, contact Morgan Minor, Pro Se Productions’ Director of Corporate Operations at To learn more about Pro Se, go to and like Pro Se on Facebook at

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