Georgia Literary Festival & My Favorite Pulp Comics

literary_festival_2013_logoSo today is the Georgia Literary Festival, which will be held in Milledgeville, Georgia. I’ve been the co-chair of the planning committee for this event over the past year and it’s been a lot of work.

A lot of work.

Did I mention that it has been a lot of work?

Anyway, we’re finally here on the big day and I’m hopeful that it will go smoothly and we’ll get a nice turnout. I was happy to be able to draft some of my New Pulp buddies into the mix – Bobby Nash, Van Plexico, Sean Taylor and Andrea Judy will all be on hand. Honestly, I’m most looking forward to getting together with those folks for dinner after the day is over!

As I mentioned yesterday, Rabbit Heart is back in print so I hope that all of you who have heard about it but never had the chance to read it will go pick up a copy. Given that it’s set in Milledgeville, as well, it’s very appropriate that it’s making its return!

The past few weeks I’ve doing lists of “favorites” — so this week I’m listing out my Top 10 Favorite Pulp Comics. The rules are simple: it has to be a comic book based upon an actual pulp character. So The Rocketeer doesn’t count and neither does Will Eisner’s Spirit. Both may be pulp in “spirit” (Hah!) but they’re not based on actual classic pulp heroes.

10. John Carter, Warlord of Mars (1977, Marvel)
9. Tarzan (1972, DC)
8. Doc Savage Magazine (1975, Marvel)
7. Conan the Barbarian (1970)
6. Savage Sword of Conan (1974, Marvel)
5. The Shadow (1973, DC)
4. The Shadow: Blood and Judgment (DC, 1986)
3. The Shadow Strikes! (1989, DC)
2. The Shadow/Green Hornet: Dark Nights (2013, Dynamite)
1. The Shadow: Year One (2013, Dynamite)

What are some of your favorites, folks?


  1. Your list has a lot of my favorites as well. The John Carter book was a jem.I am proud to say I have the complete run. And your number 1 and 2 are two of my favorite books period right now. I’ve also been reading Dark Horse’s Capt.Midnight book. More straight superhero but still fun.

  2. I too was a huge fan of Marvel’s ‘Warlord of Mars’. In fact, it inspired me to write an RPG based on the comics when I was a spotty teenager. Thirty years later, and now me and a new gang are set to publish a new version of that first attempt (using the D6 System). We’d love your opinion on it all if you feel inclined!

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