Updates — and a Liberty Girl review!

Liberty Girl
Liberty Girl

Hello, my friends!

For those of you who enjoy the Shadow Fan’s Podcast series, you’ll be pleased to know that Episode 56 is now available for downloading. This week we talk about the news of a tv series based on The Avenger, review “Temple of Crime” (a great novel from 1941) and discuss the upcoming end of The Shadow/Green Hornet: Dark Nights series. Hopefully you’ll enjoy listening to me ramble for 20+ minutes about pulp’s greatest crime-fighter.

Liberty Girl received a nice review from Richard Vasseur over at Jazma Online Forum. Here’s what he had to say:

4 out of 5 stars Comments: “The Return” Adopted by Barry Reese and based upon the works of Dennis Mallonee. The story does build up the suspense as you are waiting to have her appear, to return.

A Colonel Jacqueline is attacked by a demonic Nazi stormtrooper, a Daemon Kreuz. This unstoppable creature is pure evil. As Liberty Girl appears and kicks the demon’s butt, you will laugh out loud. You will feel pride and be inspired. Liberty Girl is back.

A proof reader was needed on this book or a better one. There are spelling and grammar errors.

Elena, Liberty Girl as her name is mentioned, the way this story is written it is impossible to not feel awe at her. She may be fifty years out of time but she still knows what she is doing.

The only one who has any doubt in Elena is Elena. Everyone else believes in her.

Liberty Girl does have some interesting foes to face. Zapper a man in an electrical suit haunted by a ghost, also a djinn.

This story ends but it is more of a beginning. Liberty Girl is just starting out again. She is here to stay and the rest of the world better watch out.

“The Devil’s Daughter” By Barry Reese and based upon the works of Dennis Mallonee. Jamie Swanson attends a private black mass party. Jamie is the devil’s daughter and she is now as evil as he. As the Devil’s Daughter engages the Liberty Girl it is a battle between the forces of evil and good. The Devil vs God through these two females. Liberty Girl shines here as she shows just how strong she is and how purely good.

This is a short back up story that is well written and filled with excitement. Liberty Girl is a thrilling woman who inspires all those around her.

Thanks for the kind words, Richard! Sorry you had a problem with the editing with the book — I know that no less than six people looked over the book before publication, on both the Pro Se and Heroic sides. I’m glad that you mentioned Elena’s ability to inspire others as I think that’s really her greatest power — far more important than being able to fly or deflect bullets.

I’ll be back tomorrow, possibly with some exciting news! Stay Tuned!

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