Halloween Treats – No Tricks!

vampirella_2_cover_by_paulrenaud-d2zjprzHappy Halloween, folks!

In a totally self-serving entry, I’m going to post links today to my scariest works. A couple of them are currently out of print, with new editions on the way from Pro Se Productions. I do apologize for that but you’ll still be able to scare up copies from second-hand vendors.

Anyway, let’s see what terrifying Barry Reese books you could be reading right now:

Rabbit Heart – Probably my most infamous work, this one features more blood and sex than you can shake a machete yet. I went all out on this one, in a story that really kicks off when our heroine dies. It’s that kind of tale. A new edition should be out any day now.

The Damned Thing – All Pulp once reviewed this and called it a masterpiece. I’m not sure it’s that good but there will be a new edition coming next year and I do think that I successfully crafted a terrifying homage to The Maltese Falcon. Everything from zombies to Aleister Crowley to the world premiere of Gone With the Wind factors into this one.

The Adventures of Gravedigger Volume One – She has three years to redeem her soul… and she’s willing to kill anybody who stands in her way! Part of the Sovereign City Project, this one features Lazarus Gray, The Headless Horseman and features a scene where our heroine has to crawl out of her grave. Oooh! Seriously, though, it’s good.

The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Two: Die Glocke — This book won the 2013 Pulp Ark Awards for Best Novel, Best Cover and Best Interior Art! Just look at the cover and you know you’re in for some fun (and spooky) times: mummies! Yes, mummies. There’s also a gorilla who smokes cigars in this one.

Hope you find a book that you can huddle up under a blanket with!

Our art today is by Paul Renaud and features the lovely (but deadly!) Vampirella!

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