Barry’s Rambling. Again.

Rook Volume 2Hello, everyone! We’re one day closer to the weekend and that’s always cause for a smile, right?

Work continues on the newest Lazarus Gray story and I’m pleased to say that it’s rolling along smoothly. These characters are so familiar to me right now that they practically write themselves. I just finished a nice scene between Morgan and Samantha that not only showed how deeply they both care about Lazarus but also the delicate relationship they have between each other. There are so many things that they leave unspoken because there’s no need to say the words — they, and the readers, know how much they’ve come to depend upon one another. Fun stuff.

I’m also going through the first set of edits for The Rook Volume Three Special Edition but it’s slow going. I despise looking back at my old work and going over edits on something that’s over five years old is particularly headache-inducing. Kinda makes me want to throw my hands up and say “Just make whatever changes you want and leave me alone!”. I usually like my current project and the one that’s just over the horizon — never ask me to look back because all of that is crap! I’m sure I’m not the only writer who feels this way.

Someone on Twitter took Pro Se to task last night for the credits they gave (and didn’t give) on a licensed property I was associated with. I’m not sure what universe this person lives in where he thinks the responsibility for that lies with the person licensing the character from someone else. Every stage of the project was completely approved and signed off on by the company that owns the character… and the credits were written in line with what they said to do.

To me, it would have been like me demanding of Marvel during my time with them, “Why the hell aren’t you giving more credit to Jack Kirby on this book??” Might have been a very ethical stance to take, depending on your views, but you know what… I was a hired hand. I was paid to do a project and I did it. Marvel can credit whomever they want.

Same thing with this job. If the company whose character we’re talking about wanted us to credit creators x, y and z, that ‘s what we would have done. Pure and simple. Nobody on the Pro Se end of it would benefit from slighting anyone. I have no idea what the contracts looked like between the original company and those creators — and it’s none of my business, frankly. My assumption is that those creators were doing work-for-hire, pure and simple, as the copyright is in the name of the company.

And if someone doesn’t like it, they really should go and harass the company the character was licensed from.

Honestly, some people are freakin’ idiots.

This Sunday will see another set of Marvel Heroic RPG stats going up. I have a small group who enjoys seeing those — but I know the vast majority of you don’t really care, especially when the characters aren’t pulp-related (this one isn’t). I never want to bore anyone but at the same time, it’s my blog and sometimes I just wanna do something fun for me 🙂 You’ll just have to bear with me on those rare occasions.

Our art today is from the cover of the Wild Cat Books’ edition of The Rook Volume Two and is by the legendary Frank Brunner! It was a really interesting experience working with Mr. Brunner. If you ever meet me in person, I’ll tell you the story. Anyway, the final piece is lovely, isn’t it? It was definitely an honor to have him depict one of my characters.

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