Another Author Q & A

EmmaWatson-HarryCrowder03Every now and then I let some of the questions I’m asked pile up so I can answer them all at once. The first set of questions were answered here.

Here’s the latest batch! And if you want to play along, just send me a question by replying here or through Facebook!

Will we ever see a Leonid Kaslov novel?

This is probably the most common question I get asked. From the moment my “Russian Doc Savage” appeared in the The Rook Volume Two (“Kaslov’s Fire”), people have wanted more. I did use him in several later stories in The Rook but I’ve never come up with a plot that was worthy of spinning the character off into his own adventures. Originally I had planned to do him as his own thing — in fact, much of “Kaslov’s Fire” was meant to be a Kaslov novel. When I hit a wall with it, I decided to fold it into a Rook story I was working on. In the end, it became one of the best Rook stories I’ve ever written and definitely one of the most popular.

Never say never… but I’m not sure I’ll ever get around to doing a Kaslov solo adventure. Sorry.

Do you plan to do any sword & sorcery stories?

I did a couple, actually. Both featured a Viking warrior named Grimmarr and they were published in Tales of the Norse Gods. It was an anthology issued by Wild Cat Books. The first one was really good — the second I wrote in two days when the editor said they were one story short for the book and couldn’t I help them out… It’s not bad for having been written in 48 hours! The character (and his sword) have since been mentioned in various Rook stories and he gets another shout-out in Lazarus Gray Volume Five that I’m writing right now.

No plans on more s&s in the near future, though.

What are you favorite Rook covers?

Hmm. Tough one! I really like Storn Cook’s cover for the Wild Cat edition of volume one, Norm Breyfogle’s vampire cover for Wild Cat’s volume four edition… and the George Sellas covers for the volume two and three special editions are amazing! Those four are probably my favorites.

How are you so prolific?

I type really fast.

Well, that’s not the only reason — though it helps! I’ve always been a quick writer. I don’t obsess over plot details (as many of you have pointed out! lol)  as I get an idea and just GO. I believe in the pulp mindset: You write. You write a lot. You finish a story. You move on to the next story. Don’t bug me about small details because I don’t have time for them, I have another story to write.

Just keep going. Always.

What comic book characters would you like to translate to prose?

I got this question after doing a Shadowman story for Kindle Worlds. I have a few from various publishers that I’d consider:

DC – Batman, Challengers of the Unknown, Doom Patrol, Kamandi

Marvel – Moon Knight, Agents of Atlas, Captain America (wartime adventure)

Valiant – Eternal Warrior, X-O Manowar, Ninjak, Doctor Mirage

I think those are the main ones.

Have you ever tried to get the license to write XXX?

I removed the character’s name because it’s never a good idea to talk about such things in public. All I’ll say is: Yes.

On a podcast interview you said that you wrote two endings to The Damned Thing. Will we ever see the other ending?

Probably not. When writing the novel, I was torn between two endings — one that was “happier” and one that was “oh my god, you just ripped my heart out, you soulless bastard!”. I talked over both of them with my wife and she helped me pick one. I think it was the right one and nobody’s ever come up to me and said they loved everything but the ending, so it seems to have worked out.

For the record, what you got was the “happier” ending.

Keep those questions coming!


  1. I would love to see another Leonid Kaslov story! Perhaps a team up with Darkling as a back up feature in a future novel could be arranged?

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