Back in Sovereign

lg09_eun_jiwon_smallSo with my Pulse Fiction story in the rear-view mirror, I was able to start work on the third story in Lazarus Gray Volume Five. Feels really good to be back on the mean streets of Sovereign City. I enjoy doing work-for-hire from time to time as it forces me out of my comfort zone and introduces me to new readers but I feel much more comfortable when I’m in total control of the product, from plot to characters. Working with other people’s creations forces you to be creative within their constraints but it’s nice to be able to decide if someone should die, switch allegiances, etc.

Heard from George Sellas last night — he’s about ready to show me some sketches for the cover to Lazarus Gray Volume Four. Can’t wait to see them! George has really defined the looks of so many parts of my universe and it’s a joy to see everything new that comes from him.

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing an Assistance Unlimited anthology, where I’d contribute one story featuring the team without their leader for an adventure. Then I’d let other writers do solo stories for the other members of the group — one would do a Samantha Grace tale, another Morgan Watts and so on. Maybe even slip in an Eidolon or Abigail Cross story, too. Would you folks have any interest in that? Or do you think these characters work best in conjunction with Lazarus?

Got a lot of positive feedback about my most recent episode of The Shadow Fan’s Podcast. I appreciate all the kind words and wish I had managed to find more upbeat things to talk about on the show. Still, I have to be honest.

I think I may have the galleys to the new Rabbit Heart edition soon and I’m excited about having that one back in print. Because it’s set in the area where I live, it’s always very popular when I do book signings around here. Plus, once I start telling people how filthy it is, it has the effect of making them all very excited to read it! It is one of the works that I’m proudest of so having a new edition will be great — and, yes, Jason Levesque’s wonderful cover will still adorn the book.

I have several exciting things that I wish I could announce… one related to The Claws of The Rook and another to a work-for-hire project.

Alas, the time is not yet right to share them!

Take Care!


  1. I’m very in favour of showing just how capable the supporting characters in your world are, when their leader isn’t around. Hell, give ’em supporting characters of their own!

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