The Writing Doldrums

1335184765-Knhyugmoijmlop-So… I’m still working on this Pulse Fiction story. Honestly, I feel like I’ve spent a whole freakin’ month doing these 10,000 words.

And I’m still 1,700 short!

I really don’t get it. I’ve written entire 60,000 word novels in a month before! I’ll be glad to put the end on this one and surely I’ll be able to do that sometime this week.

Sometimes stories just click and sometimes they don’t.

To be honest, while I have a lot of enthusiasm for Lazarus Gray Volume Five and the upcoming “Crossover” novel, I’ve been been feeling a bit bummed about the writing world in general. There are days I want to tell everybody from my publisher on down to just go jump into a lake. I made a bid for a licensed character last year and thought I did a pretty good job of selling how I’d revive a dormant property. Hasn’t gone anywhere. I made a pitch to a publisher for a shot at working on a character who’s been one of my lifelong dreams… not even a “Thanks but no thanks.”

And the politics of the New Pulp world just exhaust me. It’s not just there, of course — politics exist everywhere. It’s just when everybody’s fighting over a frayed piece of carpet to begin with, you just wonder what they’re going on about.

It gets frustrating.

And then there’s the day job, where I’m working on The Georgia Literary Festival, which will be held on November 9, 2013. I’m the co-chair of this thing and If I had possessed even the tiniest notion of how much time this would end up taking, I would have run away screaming. I really want to have it over with.

I did end up signing on for another two years with Pro Se Press, which means they’ll be the exclusive publisher of all my pulp adventure characters. I really want to get the rest of The Rook series back into print, along with Rabbit Heart and The Damned Thing.

So… this has been a post where I’ve spent the entire time whining.

On a lighter note, I watched This Is The End and thought it was hilarious.  I also really, really like the two most recent songs that Robbie Williams has released for people to hear — Shine My Shoes and Go Gentle. Here’s the lyric video for the latter, which is a song written for Robbie’s daughter. I think it’s really sweet and I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Unfortunately there are “politics” in almost every profession. It sucks. Big time.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the Rook series in print again. I just finished Vol 1 and am about to start Vol 2 tonight. I’m now debating on who I like more; Lazarus Gray or the Rook!

    I think someday writers will be asking YOU for permission to write stories based on your characters. Keep the faith!

    I still think Assistance Unlimited or the Rook’s pulp adventures could be spun off into the world of graphic novels. I see the way companies such as Dark Horse or IDW promote their titles and I could see how your characters could be at home there.

    I am really looking forward to the “crossover” book ! Will George Sellas be involved with the interior art on this one?
    Speaking of Mr Sellas’ art, is there anything else you can share from The Rook vol 3?

    Keep up the awesome work!

    1. Thanks, Pat!

      I’d love to see graphic adaptations or new stories featuring my characters. Let’s cross our fingers that it happens – The Rook did star in an 8-page story that ran in All-Star Pulp Comics # 1.

      I fully expect George to be involved with the crossover novel!

      As for more Rook Volume Three art, I’ll try to post some more this week – stay tuned!

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