Saturday Matinee: Green Lantern!

1332456-hal_jordan_green_lanternEvery Saturday I find a movie or clip that I think will appeal to the fans of this blog. Since most of you enjoy action/adventure, I tend to focus on something that falls into that category. This week we’re looking at: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)! Hal is one of my favorite superheroes and he’s appeared on tv and in film more than people might think.





First up is one of Filmation’s cartoons. They did a lot with DC in the 1960s and, of course, Hal Jordan got his turn in the spotlight:

Hal was also featured on the classic Superfriends series, though he didn’t get as much spotlight as I would have liked. Here’s a glimpse at his origin:

Green Lantern: The Animated Series was a remarkable tour-de-force that started off a little slow but really grew in scale and emotion as it went on. I really miss the show:

And then of course there’s the Ryan Reynolds live-action movie, which I actually enjoyed despite its many flaws:

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