The Rook Is Flying High — Again!

rook_v3_cover_mockup_smallThis has been a strange week — I had really hoped to finish off the Pulse Fiction story I’m writing for Pro Se but events have conspired to prevent that. Still, I’ll be hitting the stretch run today and hopefully I’ll be able to type The End sometime on Monday or Tuesday. I’m anxious to return to working on Lazarus Gray Volume Five. I’ve written two of the planned five stories for that one and I’d like to belt out # 3 before I have to start on the Sherlock Holmes novella I owe Pro Se.

George Sellas has now finished all the artwork for The Rook Special Edition Volume Three so I sent off all the stories and art to my editors today. As always, it’s going to be a gorgeous book — George always does such an amazing job with the images and then Sean Ali does some wonderful graphic design on the entire package. Even if you don’t enjoy my writing, you have to admit that the overall presentation is lovely.

I’ll be working a bit on my Crossroads presentation that I’m doing tomorrow. I’ll be talking about New Pulp and how it can be a great avenue for writers to get published for the first time. This means I’ll be explaining what the hell pulp is in the first place, then talking about the various publishers that are out there and how you go about contacting one of them and what things they’re looking for from prospective writers. It’s only a 30-45 minute talk so it shouldn’t be too stressful – I can generally ramble on for that long without much of a script. Still, I want people to leave with a coherent vision of how to dive into this strange little niche.

Our art today is the cover to The Rook Volume Three Special Edition. Obviously, with the way Pro Se’s schedule is, you probably won’t see this one until 2014. I’ve heard from some people who are very unhappy that only the first two volumes (plus # 6) are currently in print. I’m sorry — these things take time. Pro Se wants to get volumes 3-5 back in print as quickly as you (and I) do, trust me. They’re not making any money off of them while they’re out of print. In the meantime, Tales of The Rook Volume Two is in production right now so you’ll have some new Max Davies adventures to look forward to soon.

Anyway, this cover is really awesome, isn’t it? George took four of the villains from the book and really made them sparkle. And the shot of The Rook jumping out at the reader is very eye-catching!

Enjoy your Friday, folks.

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