The Work Is Never Done!

fiction_writerSo my Kindle Worlds story is available now — Shadowman: The Red Sash is ready for you to download to your e-reader! I had a lot of fun writing the character and I would like to thank both Valiant and Amazon for joining together in the Kindle Worlds partnership and giving me the chance to do so. I’ve always loved the Jack Boniface character, both in his original incarnation and in the current version. Will I do more? Maybe something with my favorite Valiant hero, X-O Manowar? We’ll see. I’m curious how this one sells and how it’s received by fans. If there’s a clamoring for more, I might dip my toes back in.

With Shadowman in the rear-view mirror, I moved on to my Pulse Fiction story, starting it last night. I’m handling a story entitled “The Insanitors” and I think it’s off to a very good start. The characters and basic premise were furnished to me (this is work-for-hire) but there’s a lot of leeway for me to inject my personal tastes onto the project. So far, I’m enjoying the characters quite a bit. Since I’m doing the first story for them, I’ll be setting a lot of the parameters for how other writers will use them in the future, which is kind of fun.

After that, I owe Pro Se a Sherlock Holmes novella… and then I need to finish off Lazarus Gray Volume Five.

And then I can start on the Lazarus/Rook/Gravedigger crossover novel!

Anyway, go and read Shadowman – and let me know what you think!


      1. Can’t wait to see who they cast as Lazarus!
        Maybe they’ll make a Darkling movie instead of a new Shadow film! 🙂

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