Updates Galore

SM_003_CVRWelcome back to Ye Olde Blog! I hope to make some good progress over the next few days on this Shadowman story I’m working on for Kindle Worlds. Given how busy I was last week, it’s kind of stalled out at around 10,000 words but I definitely plan to type THE END in the next few days. It’s been fun… kind of reminds me of my old fanfiction days before I turned pro. The difference being that if this one is accepted, it’s officially licensed and I might make a few pennies off of it. That’s kind of fun! I wish more companies would consider going the Kindle Worlds route — I’d love to write Batman… or The Shadow… or any of a dozen other concepts that are either being ignored by their license holders or are simply unlikely to ever come my way.

Once I’m done with this current project, it’s on to several deadline-bearing work-for-hire jobs before I can return to my own characters.

Got to see the mock-up cover for my Liberty Girl book yesterday. Folks who have followed this blog for awhile know that I adapted the first Liberty Girl trade (and a few other issues) into a novella and then wrote an additional all-new story featuring the Heroic Publishing character (“America’s Bronze Goddess of Freedom”). It was an interesting experience! I can’t share the cover with you but I will say it’s *very* sharp. This is supposed to kick off a whole line of Heroic-inspired prose projects from Pro Se Productions and I hope the other books do very well.

I’m still getting positive reaction to the Chris Batista cover I posted last week, the one that will eventually appear on the Gravedigger/The Rook/Lazarus Gray crossover novel. Can’t wait to have the time to work on that book! Someday….

Sometime this week I hope to post a “guest blog” written by a prominent New Pulp author. It will be the first time I’ve turned over the blog to someone else and in this case, I think it’s very much warranted. This author has sparked a few interesting threads on Facebook with his ideas and they’ve been received fairly negatively by some. I think we need to discuss these issues and I hope that this blog will provide a forum for it. Stay tuned!

I’ve made a few pitches in recent months to major publishers about the use of their characters. Fingers crossed. These things always take time but nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Today we have another Shadowman cover courtesy of Valiant Entertainment, in the hopes it will inspire me to finish off this story!

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