Monday Morning Stuff

emma-stone-gangster-squad-379x302Welcome, folks, to the show that never ends — Ye Olde Blog continues to roll along, week after week.

Finished reading The Complete Adventures of the Secret 6 from Altus Press. I enjoyed it but it’s safe to say I’ll never reread these stories. Some good moments but long stretches in each story where I felt things were being stretched thin plot-wise. Definitely get the cheaper eBook edition.

I’m currently reading The Shadow Legion by Tom Deja. I’m about 25% of the way through (can you tell I’m reading the Kindle version?) and I’m enjoying it a lot so far. In terms of taking superhero elements and blending them with the supernatural, it feels like it could be very much at home in my own pulp adventure universe. Maybe I need to talk to Tom about a crossover… I definitely recommend it, though I haven’t even reached the halfway mark yet. It’s good fun.

Episode 49 of The Shadow Fan’s Podcast went live this morning which means that the Michael Uslan interview I recorded for Episode 50 will be posted later this week. Can’t wait for folks to listen to it — it was amazingly to speak to Mr. Uslan and I had a wonderful talk with him. The conversation stays focused on The Shadow for the most part but we do venture into discussions about movie production and so forth — even if you’re not a fan of The Shadow, you should give it a listen, I think.

Still working on my Shadowman story for Kindle Worlds — I was in meetings most of last week so I didn’t get to add much to the tale. I’m over 10,000 words into it at present and I hope to finish this short sometime this week. Then, assuming I can figure out how to upload to Amazon, it should be for sale shortly thereafter. Wish me luck!

Once I’m done with that, I have a few pressing deadlines to meet and then I can return to work on Lazarus Gray Volume Five. I’ve written two of the projected five stories that will comprise that book.

Next release from Reese Unlimited will be the new edition of Rabbit Heart — hopefully in time for Halloween!

Our picture today is the ravishing Emma Stone, looking all pulp-appropriate in Gangster Squad.


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