Dynamite’s Shadow Solicitations for November 2013

3242821-26+shadow20-cov-bolsonAs a big fan of The Shadow, I’m buying all of the comics coming from Dynamite. Sometime next week I’ll be posting episodes 49 and 50 of The Shadow Fan’s Podcast – 49 will feature a trio of comics reviews and 50 will be an interview with the legendary Michael Uslan! I hope you’ll enjoy both.

Here’s what they’ve announced will be coming our way in November:

The Shadow # 20
Price: $3.99
Covers: Alex Ross, Cris Bolson, Dennis Calero
Writer: Chris Roberson
Artist: Giovanni Timpano
Page Count: 32 pages
On Sale Date: November 20
The Shadow ventures beyond the Iron Curtain, deep into the heart of the Soviet Union, seeking clues to a mystery that reaches back into his own mysterious past, and which threatens to destroy the man he has become.

The Shadow Now # 2
Price: $3.99
Covers: Tim Bradstreet, Colton Worley
Writer: David Liss
Art: Colton Worley
Page Count: 32 pages
On Sale Date: November 6
The Shadow Network is in tatters, Lamont Cranston lies near death, and Shiwan Khan is on the rise, but it’s a mistake to count out the Shadow! From the ashes of his ruined life, Cranston begins to rebuild all he has lost. Meanwhile, Khan expands his own reach, and a major new player in the Shadow continuity is revealed. It’s the Shadow like you’ve never seen him before!

The Shadow/Green Hornet: Dark Nights # 5
Price: $3.99
Covers: Alex Ross, John Cassaday, Chris Eliopoulos (Cute Exclusive Cover)
Writer: Michael Uslan
Art: Keith Burns
Page Count: 32 pages
On Sale Date: November 13
It’s the shocking and terrifying conclusion of “Dark Nights”, beginning with a deadly race against time as The Shadow and The Green Hornet chase Shiwan Khan through the actual steam tunnels that descend seven levels into underground New York City. It’s an urban “Raiders of the Lost Ark” adventure with the life of President Roosevelt and the people of the City at stake!


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