Strange Trails Gets Reviewed

Strange-Trails-coverI recently contributed to an anthology of weird western tales published by Mechanoid Press. The book itself is titled Strange Trails and it’s just received its first review on Ric Croxton, who hosts The Book Cave Podcast with Art Sippo, wrote the following:

I just finished chatting with James Palmer about Strange Trails on the Book Cave podcast. The writers in this anthology are some of the best in the New Pulp field. Every character in each story could easily become the star in their own novel. Ghosts, mechanical lawman, magician, Native American gunfighter, a gunfighter from Hell and more. James Palmer has put together a future award winning novel. If you like Steampunk, weird western, mummies or robots set in the wild west that is full of magic and things that go bump in the night, this book has it and a lot more.

Thanks, Ric! I’m glad you enjoyed the book — it was fun to write my story and I hope that it proved to be entertaining. Over the years, I’ve been able to write a few western yarns (I have stories in both How the West Was Weird Volume One and Volume Two), which is kind of funny given that I’m not really a fun of the genre. Every time I’ve tried to do one, it’s proven to be a real challenge but I think it’s resulted in some fairly fun stories.

This was my first work for Mechanoid but hopefully it won’t be the last! We’ll see if they come knocking on my door again in the future.

I’m also reminded of the fact that I haven’t been on The Book Cave in ages! I always enjoyed talking with Ric and Art. Might have to rectify that soon.


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