My Favorite Comics At The Moment

csaAs most of you know, I’m a huge comic book fan — and right now there are many, many excellent books out there. What follows is a list of my current favorites, listed in no particular order:

Aquaman (DC Comics) – I’ve always liked Aquaman but the current run written by Geoff Johns is, I think, the best the character’s ever seen. Ivan Reis did a fantastic job as the original penciler and even since his departure, the book continues to look great. The handling of Aquaman and Mera has been top-notch and Black Manta has become a major badass as his arch-foe. I’m loving this.

Detective Comics (DC Comics) – Batman is rightfully getting a lot of attention as it’s been excellent. But my favorite Bat-book right now is actually Detective Comics, which does a nice job of melding Batman the detective with Batman the superhero. A close second for me is Batman and Robin, where the creative team is kicking all kinds of butt, but this is my favorite in a really good group of Batman titles.

X-O Manowar (Valiant) – One of my all-time favorite heroes has been revived in a really fun, well-told adventure series. If you’re not reading Valiant, you’re missing out!

Shadowman (Valiant) – See X-O Manowar.

The Shadow: Year One (Dynamite) – Great writing, great art, great character.

The Shadow/Green Hornet: Dark Nights (Dynamite) – Michael Uslan is writing an amazing story. The art isn’t quite up to snuff but I’m digging the story so much, I don’t care. If you love either of these heroes, you will enjoy this book.

Superior Spider-Man (Marvel) – The only Marvel book I’m currently reading and it’s a doozy every month. I was skeptical about the premise when it launched but I’ve loved the roller-coaster ride.

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents (IDW) – It’s a new series but it’s a great updating of the classic.

Green Lantern (DC) – It’s not quite as sharp as when Geoff Johns was writing it but I’m still enjoying the adventures of Hal Jordan.

Justice League (DC) – The book has improved since Jim Lee left as artist.

Forever Evil (DC) – I really enjoyed the recent Trinity War storyline and I’m loving Forever Evil so far. Plus, it stars the Crime Syndicate, who are among my all-time favorite supervillains.

What are you guys reading?