My Favorite Comics At The Moment

csaAs most of you know, I’m a huge comic book fan — and right now there are many, many excellent books out there. What follows is a list of my current favorites, listed in no particular order:

Aquaman (DC Comics) – I’ve always liked Aquaman but the current run written by Geoff Johns is, I think, the best the character’s ever seen. Ivan Reis did a fantastic job as the original penciler and even since his departure, the book continues to look great. The handling of Aquaman and Mera has been top-notch and Black Manta has become a major badass as his arch-foe. I’m loving this.

Detective Comics (DC Comics) – Batman is rightfully getting a lot of attention as it’s been excellent. But my favorite Bat-book right now is actually Detective Comics, which does a nice job of melding Batman the detective with Batman the superhero. A close second for me is Batman and Robin, where the creative team is kicking all kinds of butt, but this is my favorite in a really good group of Batman titles.

X-O Manowar (Valiant) – One of my all-time favorite heroes has been revived in a really fun, well-told adventure series. If you’re not reading Valiant, you’re missing out!

Shadowman (Valiant) – See X-O Manowar.

The Shadow: Year One (Dynamite) – Great writing, great art, great character.

The Shadow/Green Hornet: Dark Nights (Dynamite) – Michael Uslan is writing an amazing story. The art isn’t quite up to snuff but I’m digging the story so much, I don’t care. If you love either of these heroes, you will enjoy this book.

Superior Spider-Man (Marvel) – The only Marvel book I’m currently reading and it’s a doozy every month. I was skeptical about the premise when it launched but I’ve loved the roller-coaster ride.

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents (IDW) – It’s a new series but it’s a great updating of the classic.

Green Lantern (DC) – It’s not quite as sharp as when Geoff Johns was writing it but I’m still enjoying the adventures of Hal Jordan.

Justice League (DC) – The book has improved since Jim Lee left as artist.

Forever Evil (DC) – I really enjoyed the recent Trinity War storyline and I’m loving Forever Evil so far. Plus, it stars the Crime Syndicate, who are among my all-time favorite supervillains.

What are you guys reading?


  1. Wow, your current tastes are a bit mainstream. 😀

    You really, really need to check out ‘Rachel Rising’, by Terry Moore, published by Abstract Studios. It’s excellent. I believe there are 18 issues so far, but the first 12 are available in 2 trade paperbacks.

    Also, Mark Ellis’ ‘Suicide Risk’, from Boom! Studios is a great new take on superpowers.

  2. By the way, I thought the new THUNDER Agents from IDW was OK, but I was disappointed that they decided to re-imagine & update the whole concept from the beginning, rather than tell new stories, with the original series as cannon. It kinda reminds me of the way Hollywood is so obsessed with remakes, but hates to take a risk on anything new.
    I understand why they did it that way. After all, how many of their current readership is familiar with the Tower Comics issues, or can afford the DC Archive collections? But I’m very familiar with those & I wanted new stories, either set in period, or set in the present day with new characters interacting with whoever is still around. (One has to assume No Man is more, or less immortal, as long as all his android bodies aren’t destroyed.)

  3. I’m right there with you on X-O, Shadowman and Aquaman, although Peter David’s run is still my Gold Standard (it was just so…epic). On the Bat-books I’ve got Nightwing, I just feel like I grew up with the guy(even though he’s still 22). Then Star Wars and Star Wars Legacy. I’m also a huge fan of the Crime Syndicate and wish they had done an Earth 3 book rather than Earth 2 – How great would it have been to see Luthor and Jokester as heroes every month…

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