A New Review… And Some Chris Batista Artwork!

barry reese low resWelcome back to Ye Olde Blog as we kick off a new week!

This weekend was an exciting one – not only did we celebrate my son’s 7th birthday and I got to watch the kickoff to the NFL season, but I also got a look at Grant Miehm’s cover for Tales of The Rook Volume Two and Chris Batista’s cover for the still-untitled crossover novel that will feature Gravedigger, Lazarus Gray and The Rook. Both are amazing pieces of work and I think that people will really like them. In fact, today you can get a look at the penciled image of the crossover novel — it’s lo-resolution for now but I think it will more than whet your appetites!

Pretty damned snazzy, eh?

Meanwhile, over at Amazon, a new review was posted for Mystery Men (& Women) Volume One, which was an Airship 27 release that I contributed to back in 2010. Darkendale Raven posted this:

Today I would like to recommend Mystery Men and Women Volume One to all readers out there who love new pulp fiction.

This volume collects four new stories, staring four new heroes of pulp fiction, each created by a different author!
BC Bell brings us yet another adventure of criminal turned vigilante, The Bagman. Frank “Mac” McCullough now fights the very gang bosses he grew up admiring in defense of the poor and helpless in his Chicago neighborhood. The Bagman had smashed the crime rackets in his neighborhood, but now a collector for a protection racket has come to his cigar store. Now the Bagman goes to war with this latest threat. But is his new store clerk involved in the crime or merely a witness to events beyond his control?

Aaron Smith brings us the story of The Red Veil. Maria Smith’s husband, a dedicated policeman, is found gunned down in a deserted apartment. Maria and her mother-in-law try to console each other through this time of grief. Then when nothing is settled on the case, Maria discovers that the case was ordered closed and no investigation actually happened.

Furious with righteous anger, Maria makes a costume from her wedding dress and investigates as The Red Veil. And either by bullet or by the claws she made from her husband’s police badge, The Red Veil is going to make her husband’s murderer pay in blood…

Gordon “Gory” Burrell is a football player with quite the reputation for his skillful play. He is approached by mob members who demand he `throw” a game. When he angrily refuses, the mob breaks both his legs beyond repair.

Then a mysterious Oriental Doctor tells Gordon that he can cure his legs. The operation is a success, giving Gory unbreakable metal bones, but an accident also gives him metal skin. Unable to return to football or his fiancé, Gordon assembles a makeshift costume and becomes Gridiron.

In smashing the mob, Gordon is found by his fiancé, and discovers that not everything went down as he believes it did…

And the final story comes from the prolific Barry Reese, creator of new pulp icons The Rook, Lazarus Gray, and The Gravedigger.

This new heroine is a woman called Dusk. Her strawberry blonde hair and general build seems to indicated that she is, in fact, Sue Timlin, Police Detective Roland Moore’s lovely aide. She also seems to be in any area where Dusk has been seen. But is she really one and the same woman?

She deals with criminals on their own level. She doesn’t hesitate to put a bullet into any evildoer, but she does have a special punishment for the truly wicked. There is something about the face under the mask that causes crooks to relive all of their misdeeds, and to suffer as the victims suffer.

Now a criminal mastermind is after the legendary “Fourth Nail”, a Christian relic said to be unused at the Crucifixion where it was to have pierced the heart of Christ. Now it grants forgiveness for anyone who touches it as well as healing from any disease. One cannot die of natural causes as long as they have that nail.

But Dusk is determined that the crooked leader will never have it, no matter what she has to do.

The Bagman. The Red Veil. Gridiron. Dusk. Four gloriously new pulp heroes and heroines. I do hope that, like the Bagman, the other three will continue to have their adventures recorded.

Quoth the Raven…

Thanks for the review, Raven! I had fun creating Dusk and actually incorporated parts of that story into my Rook universe later on. I don’t have any plans to return to Dusk but it was still fun and I really enjoyed the little twist ending I gave that story.

See you guys tomorrow!


      1. Lets see, three heroes, nazi flags and a giant octopus…

        1. Curse(or Return) of Cthulhu-if it is indeed HP Lovecraft’s monster. The title being a homage to the original “Call of Cthulhu”.
        2. Ragnarök:Judgement Day- based on the Norwegian end of days belief. Hopefully our heroes can prevent it!
        3. Birth of Cerberus- Cerberus was the three headed beast that guarded the gates of Hel. Three heroes trying to stop a demon from entering our world with ties to the evil that is nazism. Would Cerberus be a good team name?

        That’s what I can ramble off the top of my noggin! Hope it helps!

  1. While reading up on Nazi conspiracy theories I came up with a few more possible titles:

    1. Battle for Anartica- the Nazis had claimed part of Anartica calling it “Neuschwabenland” with countless stories of hidden bases housing UFOs etc.
    2. Within The Hollow Earth- Hitler and his followers search for entrances into the fabled “world within a world” sometimes known as Shambala( among other names) and was rumoured to have found it and those who live there.
    3. Power of The Vril (or The Black Sun)-The Vril Society was a secretive group of occultists who believed Vril to be the origin of all other forces, i.e. gravity, magnetic, electric and so on. So Vril can be seen as a sort of unified field theory. It apparently powered their UFOs.

    ….and finally…
    4. Nazipus!-Based on the current trend(Sharknado, Sharktopus, Dinocroc vs Supergator etc)seen every other week on the SyFy channel. Our heroes take on the ultimate Nazi/octopus hybrid!
    …yes,I’m grasping at straws on that last one…

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