Barry Reese

Pulp Writer Extraordinaire

GLToday is my son’s seventh birthday so we’ll be busy celebrating this happy event. Becoming a father was definitely a life-changing event and has led me to view the entire world with different eyes. I love seeing him grow and learn… and I’m proud that he’s developing a healthy sense of right and wrong. Playing with him and seeing him come up with adventures of his own is awesome and reminds me of the heroes and villains I came up with when I was his age.

To celebrate my son’s birthday, I’m presenting a quick Super Friends adventure, one that features Julian’s favorite superhero — Green Lantern! I hope you guys enjoy it — we’ll be opening presents and enjoying the day.

Take care!

One thought on “Saturday Matinee: A GL-Centered Superfriends Adventure

  1. rich8gregg says:

    Kttpzym ep. Thanks Barry

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