I finished up the Brother Bones/Lazarus Gray team-up story yesterday and sent it off to Ron Fortier for his comments and approval. Ron seemed to really like it and even came up with a great addition to the ending battle that really makes it come together. It was a lot of fun writing Bones and I think fans of both characters will really enjoy it. Unfortunately, it’s going to be awhile before any of you can read it because it won’t be published until Volume Five of the Lazarus Gray series is out… and, as all of you know, we’ve just seen volume three released! The fourth book should be out in the first quarter of 2014 which means the fifth book won’t be out (at the earliest) until late next year. I’ve written two of the five stories that will comprise the fifth book.

So… now I need to start on the two projects I owe Pro Se Press: a Pulse Fiction story and a Sherlock Holmes novella.

But I think I will squeeze in a short (under 10,000 word) Shadowman story for Valiant’s Kindle Worlds project first. It won’t take me long and I think it will be a fun little exercise. We’ll see how it sells, if it at all. If nothing else, though, it will be neat to tiptoe through one of my favorite fictional universes.

Thanks go to John Simcoe for sending me the link to the following video, which is for the Katy Perry song, “Roar.” No matter what you think of the song itself, the video is a fun homage to the old “Jungle Girl” stories and I think that folks who enjoy my brand of adventure fiction will get a kick out of this. Enjoy!

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