Thursday Ramblings

20130609-173120.jpgWelcome back to Ye Olde Blog!

I’m almost finished with the big Brother Bones/Lazarus Gray crossover story and will probably be sending it on to Bones creator Ron Fortier for his approval later today. After that, I *really* need to start work on this Pulse Fiction story for Pro Se Press… and then I have this Sherlock Holmes novella I’m supposed to write, also for Pro Se.

But I’m also tempted to finally break down and do a Kindle Worlds story featuring one of the Valiant heroes. I’m leaning towards Shadowman, simply because I think my style is most compatible with that character. My favorite Valiant hero has always been X-O Manowar but Shadowman feels like he could have been one of my own creations so I might go that route. I do wonder if I should take the time to do it, though — maybe I should focus my creative energies on my own projects or ones that I’ve been commissioned to do. Still, it would be fun to do an “official” Valiant story at least once. We’ll see.

On the artistic front, Chris Batista informed me last night that he’s begun laying out the cover to the big Lazarus Gray/The Rook/Gravedigger book. Grant Miehm has also had his sketch approved for Tales of The Rook Volume Two and is hard at work on that one. And let’s not forget George Sellas, who is one interior piece away from finishing up The Rook Volume Three Special Edition! No matter what, the books always look great, thanks to guys like these.

I’ve had the briefest stirrings of a desire to write some more Rook stuff… but I think that will satisfied by the crossover novel, to be honest. If you are a big Rook fan, though, you can expect Tales of The Rook Volume Two in the near future… the third Special Edition… and, of course, Tommy Hancock will be writing Volume Seven, which actually kicks off an entire trilogy that he’ll be handling.

Uploaded the 47th episode of The Shadow Fan’s Podcast yesterday. I had a nice chat with Ralph Grasso, who runs The Shadow Knows Facebook Page. If you’re a fan of The Shadow, you need to be a part of that group! Members include Michael Uslan, Anthony Tollin, Michael Kaluta and a whole lot more — you won’t find a more active Shadow page anywhere and certainly not one with the pedigree of this one! Highly recommended.

Take care, folks!


    1. Hi Dale!

      George Sellas still needs to do the cover for Volume Four and then it can move into the production phase at Pro Se Press. I think the first quarter of 2014 is likely for its release. Shortly after that, I think you’ll see Gravedigger Volume Two.

  1. I always liked Shadowman being a big fan of Steve Englehart. I agree I think he would fit in well with your style. Look foward to that and all the other goodies on the way. You have become a writer who sells me books on your name alone.

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