Another 5-Star Review of “Eidolon”

eidolon_and_darkling_01_low_resOver at Amazon, The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Three: Eidolon just racked up its fourth 5-star review. This time it came courtesy of Pulp Super-Fan Michael Brown.  This is what Michael had to say:

Lazarus Gray is a new character from New Pulp writer Barry Reese. I have been reading his Rook series (he has other works as well, but those are the ones I’ve been reading). Gray is sort of inspired by the classic pulp hero The Avenger. He is also set in a fictional town called Sovereign City (created by Pro Se Press publisher Tommy Hancock), and is part of the “Sovereign City Project”.

Lazarus Gray is also set in the same “universe” as Barry’s Rook character, and we get an updated chronology of his “universe” in the back of the book that places both the Lazarus Gray stories (included the next volume) plus the Rook stories and a few others by Reese.

This volume, “Eidolon” is a collection of 3 items. First up is a short, 2 page comic story that gives the background of who Lazarus Gray is. A good intro for new readers. Then we have a short story and then a much longer story, more of a novel or novella.

The short story is about “Murder Unlimited”. Here, several of Assistance Unlimited’s past foes team up in a group to oppose them. (kind of like how the Justice League’s foes teamed up as the Injustice League and the like) But Lazarus and associates are able to defeat them. We also get some background of a classic pulp villain that has been a recurring foe for the Rook. Maybe he will return to plague Gray as well?

The novella, “Eidolon” introduces a new character: The Darkling. This character is a dark vigilante, somewhat in the style of The Shadow. From the background we get on the character, he has a lot of characteristics similar to the Shadow, but is much darker. He is competing with Gray and associates and Nazis to try to obtain the bones of a demon. In the process, one of the members of Assistance Unlimited becomes the Eidolon, and another seems to leave the group as well. We also see the end of one of Gray’s re-occurring opponents.

Will the Eidolon and The Darkling return? That remains to be seen.

A fourth volume is planned, and it appears that these characters will re-appear. And Reese is apparently already working on a fifth volume. I look forward to them.

Thanks, Michael! I had a lot of fun writing writing Volume Three and I think that once you see how it all fits together with the fourth book, your own enjoyment will take a major leap, as well. “Murder Unlimited” was definitely meant as an homage to groups like the Injustice Society and the Injustice League so I’m glad you picked up on that.

As for The Darkling, he was a huge part of the appeal for me and I get to delve even further into his past in the fourth book. I don’t have any plans to do anything with The Darkling past that but it was fun to get to handle my own quasi-version of The Shadow as it might be the closest I’ll ever get to handling the real thing.

I’m currently writing the second of what I plan to be five stories for Volume Five, a return to the shorter-form stories that made the first volume so successful. Stay tuned — and thanks for the great review.

Our image today is from the amazing George Sellas and depicts Eidolon and The Darkling.

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