Well, this will be a fairly short post, I think. My son was ill last evening so I didn’t get any sleep until around three this morning and even then, it wasn’t particularly restful since I was curled up in a chair!

As a result, I probably won’t add anything to the Lazarus Gray story I’ve been working on – which is a shame since Brother Bones and Lazarus are about to meet for the first time. In classic tradition, they’re going to throw down before teaming up. Cliche? Sure! But it’s all about The Fun.

One cool thing I can share is that longtime comics artist Grant Miehm is working on the cover to Tales of The Rook Volume Two! Grant has worked on numerous projects both in and out of comics but I’ll always have a soft spot for his Legend of The Shield series. I’m thrilled to have him onboard.

Take care, folks! I’m gonna hang out with the little guy and maybe catch some zzz’s when he goes down for a nap later.


  1. Legend of The Shield was my personal fave of all the Impact titles. Grant Miehm is always solid and a good story teller artwise. Hope your son feels better soon!

  2. I was always a fan of Grant’s work on The Shield. Great storytelling & clean art. The !mpact line was a great imprint. The late Mike Parobeck’s work on The Fly being my favourite.

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