Booyah! The Crossover Novel’s Cover Artist Is….

LEGION_SECRET_ORIGIN_5It’s the start of a whole new week and I’m hoping that I’ll get a lot of stuff done — I have to record episode 46 of The Shadow Fan Podcast (in which I’ll be reviewing a classic novel and the newest issue of The Shadow/Green Hornet series), I’m still working on the Lazarus Gray/Brother Bones crossover story and, of course, I have a day job.

So I won’t be lacking for things to keep me busy.

The big news, though, is that I’ve been talking with superstar artist Chris Batista and he’s agreed to do a cover for a Reese Unlimited book! He’s going to be doing the cover to a special novel that I have in the planning stages — it will bring The Rook, Lazarus Gray and Gravedigger together for the very first time! We’ve seen The Rook paired with Lazarus Gray and both of those heroes have worked separately with Gravedigger but now the three of them will be gathering to face a titanic threat that will not only imperil Sovereign City but the entire world!

Chris has had celebrated runs on Steel, the Legion of Superheroes, JLA and Robin, among many others. He’s also the artist on the villain’s month issue Grodd, coming out next week from DC Comics. His clean, sleek style has made him one of my favorite artists working in comics today and I’m very, very excited to see what he comes up with for this cover. Our accompanying artwork today showcases the incredible stylings of Mr. Batista — if you’re unfamiliar with his work, I’m pretty sure you’ll understand why I’m such a fan after looking at this image.

The team-up novel doesn’t have a title as of yet so feel free to suggest one – The Rook/Lazarus Gray/Gravedigger Team-Up Book just doesn’t cut it, I’m afraid. The current plan is for me to finish up this LG/Brother Bones story, then I’ll work on some Pro Se work-for-hire stuff, then I’ll put the emphasis on completing the rest of Lazarus Gray Volume Five (the Brother Bones story is the second of a planned five stories to run in that volume)… and *then* I’ll write the big team-up book. Since I’m writing Lazarus Gray Volume Five first, you can be sure that I’ll be seeding the team-up’s plot in that one, making a smooth transition for folks who are reading all of the titles. You will, of course, be able to jump right into the team-up if you wish, though. I try to make all my books new-reader friendly.

It’s been an exciting time for Reese Unlimited lately, with the announcements of both the Brother Bones crossover and now Chris Batista’s upcoming cover work… but the announcements may not be quite complete just yet… Stay tuned for more.



  1. Suggested title for mega crossover in the Reese universe: “Masks.”



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